Full Control

PayUMoney APIs give you full control on the Settlement to the sellers. You can send an event to PayUMoney to release the funds for a specific sub-transaction of a Seller.

Scalable, secure, and trusted

Hundreds of innovative marketplaces of every kind choose PayUMoney aggregator solution to power thousands of payments each year.

Centralized Dashboard Tracking

Marketplace will be provided with an aggregator dashboard where they can track all transactions, manage & create a sub-seller, export sub-transactions of sub-sellers, Search for a transaction.

Support for COD Transactions

Marketplace can settle the COD transactions to Sellers through PayUMoney. The amount for the COD orders to be deposited into PayU Nodal account. We'll process the Settlement upon receiving the details from Marketplace.

Programmatic Transfers

Our API gives you complete control over your funds and where they go

  • API for creating and releasing the sub-transactions.
  • To add COD transactions an additional API is available.
  • APIs for getting Settlement information is also provided.
  • API to Refund and Add Adjustment.

Manage your transactions VIA Dashboard

Aggregator can manage everything in a central Dashboard

  • View & export of all transactions
  • View & add/edit a Seller's details
  • Create a new Seller
  • View & export sub-transactions of Sellers.
  • Search for a transaction or sub-transaction.

The sub-sellers gets their individual Dashboards to track their sub-transactions or search a specific sub-transaction

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