• Which cards can I accept through PayUmoney? +

    You can accept all major cards from all banks with PayUmoney
    Credit cards: Master/Maestro, VISA, American Express
    Debit cards: Master/Maestro, VISA, Rupay
  • Which banks in netbanking options are accepted by PayUmoney? +

    PayUmoney accepts payments from almost all the prominent banks in India.
  • Can I accept UPI payments using PayUmoney? +

    Yes, you can accept payments via UPI from PayUmoney.
  • Can I accept payments in other currencies except INR? +

    No, PayUmoney currently allows payments in Indian currency only.
  • How secure it is to collect payments with PayUmoney? +

    PayUmoney is PCI- DSS level 1 certified company, which is the highest level of certification given by PCI-DSS for any payments company. Along with it, we process all your transactions over 128 bit SSL to secure customer data during transmission.
  • How do I know if a customer has made a payment to me? +

    For every Payment attempted you receive dashboard and email notifications.
  • Can I change name that appears on Payment page? +

    Your business name is displayed on Payment page. In case you want to change your business name, please raise a request by writing to merchantcare@payumoney.com.
  • I received the transaction status as 'incomplete/ pending' but the customer claims that they were charged? +

    This is a rare occurrence and happens when the transaction response from the bank is interrupted due to connection failure before it reaches PayUmoney server. Status are updated at the end of the day after banking hours. In cases where status is not updated, please drop an email at merchantcare@payumoney.com with payment details like amount, payment ID (transaction ID), date and approximate time of transaction etc.
  • If my customers save their Card details for future transactions, how secure are the card details with PayUmoney? +

    The Customer's Card details are secured safely with dedicated encrypted server which is PCI DSS compliant. Once stored, the card details can be edited/removed anytime by the customer after logging into dashboard. With stored card details, to complete a transaction customer has to just enter only the CVV and 3-D secure password.This facilitates speedy transactions, better customer retention and improved adoption rate in terms of repeat purchases.
  • Are my customers notified about the payments made? +

    PayUmoney sends email and SMS notification to the customers with the required payment details. Customers can also check the transaction details from customer dashboard by logging into PayUmoney.
  • What happens if my customer's computer shuts down or internet connection stops working right when the Payment is getting processed? +

    There could be 2 scenarios:-
    • The payment got authorized by the bank but the communication of the same was not received by PayUmoney. In this case the customer's account will get debited by the bank. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped. We receive a confirmation from the bank later and then we initiate a refund for the payment to the customer's account.
    • The payment didn't get authorized by the bank. In this case the customer's account will not be debited and we don't get any further updates from the banks. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped.
  • Do my customers need to have a PayUmoney account for making payments? +

    No, your customers needn’t have PayUmoney account for making a transaction.

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