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  • Is there any technical support available for assistance in integrating PayUmoney with your website? What are the contact details? +

    Yes, we do provide technical support for integration. For any queries, please contact us by selecting "Technical integration issue" in service request form. Our team will reach out to you within 2 working days.
  • Why do I need to generate hash? +

    A hash (checksum) is used to secure the payment request and response. To do so, a random numeric string is generated using a mathematical algorithm. The message is encrypted using a Secret Key called the 'Salt', that will be with both authentic sender and receiver. Upon receiving the checksum, the receiver decodes it using the same Salt. If the checksum is different on the receiver’s side, it means that the message has been tampered and thus this transaction will be rejected for security purpose.
  • I am getting an error hash (checksum) mismatch! How to resolve this? +

    Are you using the correct format for the hash string? If you are not, you will encounter this error. Please make sure that the hash is calculated in the following format - hashSequence= key|txnid|amount|productinfo|firstname|email|udf1|udf2|udf3|udf4|udf5||||||salt Please make sure that in the above sequence use the UDFs which have also been posted to our server. In case you haven't posted any UDFs, the hash sequence should look like this - hashSequence= key|txnid|amount|productinfo|firstname|email|||||||||||salt.
  • At the time of sending a Payment Request, I am being notified that “Some Error Occurred”. Why is this happening? +

    • Are you using the correct Merchant Key? In many shopping carts, the field name 'Merchant ID' is used incorrectly in the place of Merchant Key. However, what actually needs to be entered is the 'Merchant Key' supplied by PayUmoney. Please note: We send you an email with 3 following details:
      (1) Merchant ID
      (2) Merchant Key
      (3) Merchant Salt
      The Merchant ID sent by PayUmoney is not required in the PayUmoney integration with your website. It is just your registration number with PayUmoney. So, the only 2 information used in the integration are Merchant Key & Merchant Salt.
    • Are you using Test credentials in Live Mode or Live credentials in Test Mode? If yes, please make sure that you use Test credentials in Test Mode and Live credentials in Live Mode. Please make sure that in Test Mode, you are using only test credentials mentioned below-
      Test Key - rjQUPktU
      Test Salt - e5iIg1jwi8
    • Have you got all the approvals? If your approvals are pending, it is quite possible that you will get this error even though you are doing everything right. Please click here to schedule a call for assistance from support team.
  • I am getting an error Merchant Key missing! Where do I get the Merchant Key from? +

    The Merchant Key is available in the PayUmoney Dashboard under 'Integration Settings' tab of 'Profile and Settings' section.

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